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1/2″ Overlay, Face Frame Construction

This is our most typical and most economical style of cabinetry. The doors and drawer fronts set outside the face frame and “overlay” the openings by 1/2″. The cabinets are very strong and have a durable 3/4″ hardwood face frame. Because of the reduced amount of shop and field labor needed for this style we can offer our customers a long lasting product with a tight budget in mind.

Flush Inset, Face Frame Construction

This style lends itself to the more classic shaker or craftsman style. Simple, old world craftsmanship are words used to describe this custom style. The doors and drawer fronts are inset flush with the face frame with a minimal 3/32″ space between the inside edge of the face frame and the outside edge of the door/drawer. Although many door styles are used in this type of construction; Shaker, Camden,Laguna and Cascade are the most popular.

Full Overlay, Frameless Construction

Often called “Euro Style”, this style tends be more contemporary. Sleek, clean lines dominate the look and feel of frameless type cabinetry. The cabinets are constructed without face frames. The “boxes” are assembled from melamine or plywood in our shop and shipped individually. Our cabinet installer then screws the cabinet boxes together on the jobsite. The doors and drawer fronts are installed and when completed only the doors and drawer fronts are seen. Since the cabinets have end panels that are fit tight to the walls, no scribe moulding is used, adding to the clean look.

Plain slab veneer style doors are very commonly used in this type of construction but virtually any door style will work.